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Artist J.G. Hart has long been fascinated by the interlaced knotwork commonly called "Celtic". When she discovered the magical world of computer drawing programs in the late 80's she first began to recreate traditional patterns and then learned to create original interlace patterns of her own.

What began as a hobby quickly became a passion when she discovered that many attractive patterns, when followed, led to dead ends and were not in fact true continuous knotwork designs, but merely "optical illusions". Her irritation inspired her to focus on creating her own knot designs. Thus the overriding goal when designing a new pattern is to combine symmetrical design with unending lines. Another thing that distinguishes her work is the desire to see the knot itself focused upon as a "jewel" rather than just a component in a complex pattern.

Patterns drawn with one continuous, interlaced or interweaving line have their roots in many cultures around the world. One of the most famous is the Celtic culture in Nothtwestern Europe and the British isles.

From Tibet to the middle East, India and the Navajo culture a simple self-contained knot is a symbol of the endless wheel of life and rebirth.

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